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Alien Easter Baskets are Back by Popular Demand!!!

February 17, 2013
Large Basket

Large Basket

Small Basket

Small Basket

Adopt an Alien Easter Baskets are back again this year! I have just listed some of the cutest Easter Baskets EVER! Each basket comes with aliens of your choice, toy goodies, and yummy Easter Candy. As always the aliens are one of a kind and come with their very own birth certificates. The baskets come in two sizes Large and Small, perfect for every budget. You can snag one of these Easter Baskets at

New Miniature Alien Toys

November 7, 2012

New Mini Aliens are now available at Adopt an Alien.  These aliens are much smaller than the regular sized aliens you’ve come to expect.  They are very cute and would make great stocking stuffers at only $12.00 each.  Check them out

Get Your Aliens for Christmas!

November 6, 2012

Now is the best time to Adopt an Alien for Christmas.  Not only will you have the best selection but you will allow plenty of time for shipping and of course wrapping to get one of these cute little guys under your tree or in your stocking.  I have added several new aliens today and will be adding more aliens throughout the next couple weeks.  Remember all of my aliens are handmade and one of a kind.  Don’t let someone else adopt the alien you have your eye on.  Adopt your Alien today.  Adopt an Alien and Adopt a Smile!

Follow this link to my shop

Aliens Up for Adoption Today!

May 16, 2012

Want to Adopt an Alien?  It’s simple!  Head to my shop at pick out your favorite alien and check out using Paypal.  All my aliens are handmade and one of a kind.  They range in price from keychains for $10.00 to two headed aliens for $30.00.  Most of my Regular Aliens are just $18.00 to $20.00.  For a limited time only receive 15% off using coupon code WORDPRESSALIEN during checkout.

Grab Bag Alien Surprise

April 3, 2012

Now available by Adopt an Alien… Surprise Aliens.  The Surprise Alien Listings in my shop are for a Grab Bag Alien.  This option is perfect for those of you who have a hard time deciding which alien to adopt, because you love them all.  All Surprise Aliens are of the same beautiful handmade quality as the Aliens you come to expect from Adopt an Alien.  These Aliens also come with a Birth Certificate.  The only difference is the Fun Surprise you get when you open the box for the first time.  Try our new Surprise Aliens… you won’t be disappointed.  Head to to check them out.

Cute Keychains as an Easter Basket Stuffer

March 29, 2012

Are you looking for an inexpensive handmade treasure for your child’s Easter Basket?  These keychains will do the trick.  Adopt an Alien keychains are handmade, one of a kind, and very affordable.  Each one has their own unique name and story as well as a birth certificate.  Alien Keychains make the perfect addition to any Easter Basket.  Head to and pick out your special keychain today.  You still have a few days to order and get them in time for Easter.

Spring Showers Bring Alien Powers

March 26, 2012

After a long bout of morning sickness brought on by my second pregnancy, I am finally feeling better and have been busy sewing away. These are just some of the newest aliens I’ve added in the last couple days. There are many MANY more to come so stay tuned and check out the latest aliens each day.

Newest Happenings for Adopt an Alien

January 23, 2012

ANNOUNCEMENT: I am pregnant and have been battling terrible morning sickness for several months now. Alien listings will now be based souly on when I am feeling up to making them. If you need an alien for a special occasion please take advantage of aliens when they are listed. The aliens above have been listed today. I cannot promise more right away nor can I promise custom orders at any given time. Message me and if I am able to do a custom order for you, I will let you know. Thanks for your understanding and have a great day!

Adopt an Alien Stocking Stuffer Keychains

December 5, 2011

Get All Your Holiday Shopping Done in One Place!

October 4, 2011

Get your Holiday Shopping Done in One Place.  Aliens are the perfect gift for Everyone.  Aliens can put a Happy Holiday Smile on anyones face.  They make the perfect gift for the “hard to shop for,” because they have never seen anything like it before.  Aliens are not something you can just walk into a department store and buy.  They are special.  They are Handmade and  One of a Kind!  Each Alien comes with a Birth Certificate and they  Irresistable to almost everyone.  Head to and adopt your own TODAY!  Adopt an Alien and Adopt a Smile!