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New Artfire Adopt an Alien Shop

June 6, 2013

Adopt an Alien has opened a second shop at Artfire. Follow the link to check out the new shop OR just check out our Etsy shop at


Get Your Aliens for Christmas!

November 6, 2012

Now is the best time to Adopt an Alien for Christmas.  Not only will you have the best selection but you will allow plenty of time for shipping and of course wrapping to get one of these cute little guys under your tree or in your stocking.  I have added several new aliens today and will be adding more aliens throughout the next couple weeks.  Remember all of my aliens are handmade and one of a kind.  Don’t let someone else adopt the alien you have your eye on.  Adopt your Alien today.  Adopt an Alien and Adopt a Smile!

Follow this link to my shop

20% Off Your Next Alien Order

June 11, 2012

Get 20% off your next Alien order using coupon code WORDPRESSTWENTY when you check out.  Squeeze, Rofus, and Penelope are just a few of the aliens you can chose from.  Head to to view all the aliens available.

Alien Plush Toys by Adopt an Alien

May 1, 2012

Check out the newest handmade Alien Toys at Also check out the Adopt an Alien Welcome Message at the top of the Shop page to see how you can get a free keychain, for a limited time only.

Amazing New Aliens Up for Adoption Today

September 1, 2011

Check Out these New Amazing Aliens at Adopt an Alien.  They are all so cute!  How will you chose?  Remember that ALL my aliens are one of a kind and adorable.  They also come with their very own birth certificates.  With the Holidays coming quickly this is a great opportunity to check some people off your list and know that you have the perfect gift for them.  Head to and adopt your alien today!

Why Everyone Needs to Adopt an Alien…

June 27, 2011

People have often asked me why one would want to Adopt an Alien… so I compiled a list of the main reasons why EVERYONE needs to adopt their own alien.


1.  Aliens bring an instant smile to your face regardless of how awful your day has been.

2. Aliens help you sleep and keep bad dreams away.

3. Aliens make excellent guard dogs (or in this case guard aliens).

4. They allow you to eat chocolate guilt free and may even sneak some to you when others aren’t looking.

5. They allow you to reach things on a high shelf.

6. They will answer the phone when you are too busy.

7.  They bring you toilet paper when you run out.

8.  Like puppies they are great conversation starters for the opposite sex.

9. They make the perfect pet… they never rip up the furniture, they never have accidents, and aliens can also bring you your sleepers and even a soda from the fridge.

10. Aliens don’t mind if you fart and blame it on them.

11. Their breath always smells like cotton candy.

12. They never try to change the radio station when riding in the car with you.

13. Aliens always let you win board games, video games, and arguments.

14. They love to take the garbage out and always eat your leftovers.

15. They hold your place in books so you will never need a bookmark again.

16. They have vast medical knowledge and will take care of you when you are sick…okay, that’s not true, BUT aliens make a mean chick noodle soup!

17. Somehow they always… ALWAYS know where you left your keys, wallet, and cell phone.

18. Even if you aren’t funny, aliens will always laugh at your jokes.

19. Aliens are great with babies, children, and your Great Aunt Mildred.

20. Aliens are fun, bright, beautiful, one of a kind, handmade, and perfect for everyone and when you Adopt an Alien you support a small business created by a stay at home, hard-working mom.

To adopt your own alien check out my website at

The above information is just for fun and is not all completely true.  Please use common sense when purchasing and playing with our alien toys.

Happy Birthday to Me and YOU!

May 19, 2011

In honor of MY Birthday, on Sunday May 22nd,  I will be offering FREE shipping.  This is a one day only offer.  Enter Promo Code HAPPYBIRTHDAY when you check out to receive your free shipping.  This is something I do not do very often, so if you have had your eye on an alien this is a great time to adopt it.  Head to and start chosing which aliens you will adopt with free shipping.

You could get free shipping on Mitsy!

Newest Critters at Adopt an Alien

May 11, 2011

Adopt an Alien adoptions always slow down during the summer.  This is hard on the aliens as they wait all summer wondering if someone will adopt them.  This is also hard on us here at the agency as we have many tiny alien mouths to feed and many alien related bills to pay.  Above are some of the newest cutest aliens up for adoption at the agency.  You can adopt one too by heading to

Adopt an Alien has a variety of aliens up for adoption including one eyed, two eyed, three eyed, two headed, special needs, and even alien siblings, alien wedding couples, and alien gift baskets.  Come and visit us.  Mention “WordPress” in the message to seller when you check out and receive a special free gift with purchase.

Adopt an Alien This Easter Video

March 24, 2011
Check out the Newest Adopt an Alien Video Montage


Adopt an Alien has been featured in Stuffed Magazine

March 14, 2011
The Stuffed Magazine Winter 2011 Cover

Adopt an Alien has recently been featured in the Winter 2011 issue of Stuffed Magazine.

Check out this link to snag your copy today and find my aliens in the galary section.