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For the LOVE of Aliens!

March 30, 2010

I just had to share the latest Alien bunch with you.  Not only are these aliens cute and one of a kind, but they are also handmade and come with their own birth certificates.   Pebbles is definitely my favorite out of this bunch.  Which is your favorite?

Adopt Your Own Alien at

Alien Easter Baskets are Back!

March 17, 2010

Adopt an Alien Easter Baskets are back again this year!  I have just listed some of the cutest Easter Baskets EVER!  Each basket comes with three regular aliens of your choice, or one two headed alien and one other alien of your choice, plus an alien keychain, toy goodies, and yummy Easter Candy.  As always the aliens are one of a kind and come with their very own birth certificates.  You could snag one of these Easter Baskets at

Girls Easter Basket

Girls Easter Basket


Boys Easter Basket

Boys Easter Basket

The Lastest on My Little One, Dusty

March 10, 2010

Dusty, my little son, is about two and a half months old now.  I never knew I could love someone so much… he is amazing.  Even though he is very much a colic baby and spends alot of time crying, he is a very good baby and he loves to snuggle.  Lately he has been trying out his beautiful little smile more and more. Dusty has gained alot of weight since he was born and is now up to 11 pounds and 14 ounces and is fitting into 3 month old clothes. 

Daddy really helps out on the weekends so Mom can still make Aliens.  Afterall makings Aliens is my job even though it is a very fun job.

Anyways I’ll be adding more pictures soon!  Stay tuned!

Aliens That Will Make You Laugh

March 10, 2010

I just had to share these latest Aliens with you.  One thing I love about my Aliens is that no matter how many I make… when they are all done I can just sit back and have a giggle.  If you want a giggle of your own check out

Where’d You Get That Alien?

March 3, 2010

Like many a great business, Adopt an Alien’s success is due in large part to word of mouth.  When someone adopts one of my aliens and one of their friends see it, the word spreads.  When some stumbles upon my aliens and gives a shout out on their blog, the word spreads.  Even when someone asks me what I’m buying all this fabric for, the word spreads.

As of now I have two hundred and seventy four completely satisfied customers at my Etsy shop and countless more who have nabbed an alien at an art show.  These customers also spread the word. 

If you’ve Adopted an Alien and have fallen madly in love… SPREAD THE WORD!

Visit and Adopt your own Alien today!

Adopt an Alien Fastest Comment Contest

March 2, 2010

You Could Win Jeepers

This is Jeepers and you have a chance to win him!  Here’s what you have to do… first become a Fan of Adopt an Alien on Facebook.  Now sometime in the next week I will post a photo of Jeepers on Facebook and all you have to do is be the FIRST person to comment on the photo.  The catch is that you have to write “Adopt an Alien and Adopt a Smile” as your comment or it doesn’t count.  It’s THAT simple.  Be the first to comment on the Jeepers Facebook Photo with that special phrase and you could be the winner of this amazing little Alien. 

A valid address will be needed from the winner for delivery of the alien.  This address needs to be received within two days of winning or the next Facebook commenter will win by default.  No family members are eligible to win!

You can become a fan on facebook by following this link!/pages/Adopt-an-Alien/311551516335?v=wall&ref=ts

Check Adopt an Alien on Facebook Often to have the best chance of winning.  Jeepers photo could be posted at ANY time in the next week!  Happy Alien Hunting and GOOD LUCK!