Reason for the Rise in Prices

Hi there all my loyal Adopt an Alien followers, just popping in to say a few words about a change that is coming to my shop.  I am forced to raise my prices slightly and this will be taking place as I add aliens daily.  This is not a decision I came upon lightly.  Unfortunately the only major place to buy fabric in my area has closed down.  Now I am forced to drive over an hour away to have any type of fabric variety to a place where the prices are close to double what I was paying at the old store.  Also I put two to three hours of work into just one alien and many of my customers have said I should raise my prices.  I am very much hoping that this will not affect my sales but I have to do what I have to do, I guess.  Let me know what you think. 

Oh, and snap up those aliens at there older prices while they last.  Something tells me that they’ll go quickly.  Check them out at

Lyla and Leela, Conjoined Two-Headed Twins

Lyla and Leela, Conjoined Two-Headed Twins


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2 Responses to “Reason for the Rise in Prices”

  1. angela Says:

    I’m glad you are raising your prices. My boyfriend and I have been admiring your aliens. We were remarking on how underpriced they are. It is nice that you gave them a head start, but good you are going to be getting what they are worth. They are fantastically well made and very unique, on top of all that they seem ALIVE with character and personality! We may be adopting eventually at any price 😉

    • adoptanalien Says:

      Thank You for saying that. That makes me feel much better, I’ve been stressing alittle over the rise in prices, but it really has gotten to the point that I have too. Also I look forward to someday having you and your hubby as adoptive parents. Thanks again!

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