I LOVE This Little Alien

Glitch a One-Eyed Alien

Glitch a One-Eyed Alien

I love this little guy.  There is just something about his wonderful orange skin and that bright glowing yellow eye.  How could you not love him?  Or his friends?  Find out if you can resist at www.adoptanalien.etsy.com


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2 Responses to “I LOVE This Little Alien”

  1. Cheap Toys Says:

    haha i want to adopt an alien too…..where do u find these aliens? would want some on my blog too 😛

    • adoptanalien Says:

      Hi There,

      These aliens are all handmade by me using various cloth. They are all one of a kind and what I feel are very affordable. I think they would fit nicely on your blog. You can find and adopt them at my shop http://www.adoptanalien.etsy.com Let me know if you need anything else. I just love promoting my alien toys.

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